The Official Men’s Shopping Guide… for The Kind of Guy He Is

It’s always tough to shop for a guy- and on top of it- dudes are EXPENSIVE. I’ve rounded up some of the best ideas YOU sent me along with a few tried and trues of my own. Whenever possible I included multiple price points… but apparently, there are no budget-friendly bloomers for dudes. Read on for gift ideas for whatever kind of guy he is! 


  • LL Bean Duck Boots
    These came recommended by you! These boots are well-made and great for all weather conditions. Perfect for the rough and tumble! If you’re guy needs a more polished all weather boot– I got Mike these a few years back and he swears by them!
  • Patagonia Fleece (20% off!)
    So many recommendations for this brand! Guys must love Patagonia as much as we do because you reported they LOVED these gifts! There’s a great fleece here and then an amazing vest here! This would be great for dads and in-laws too!
  • North Face Backpack
    This would be a great addition for a guy on the run! Plus- it’s on sale too!
  • Portable Power
    Always good to have some portable power in your pocket (or backpack!) This one is great, compact, and will recharge your phone once or twice before needing to be plugged in again! Plus- it’s $20!


  • NFL Hoodie
    I got Mike one of these years ago and he loves it. This year he wanted to get one for his dad and his brother too! It’s well-made and always a conversation starter. Runs TTS.
    Pair this with game tickets or a something from The Big Booze Guy section!
  • Tickets to a Game
    So many of you wrote in about experiences as gifts and taking in a game would be a great options. I’ve done this for Mike twice- once with football and once with a Yankee game. I planned our trip and dinner too and then off to the game we went! 
  • Equipment Upgrades
    Get him a better bat, golf clubs, cleats or even a new smartwatch- the new Apple Watch is AWESOME. (Mike has it and loves it)
  • Killer Sneakers & Workout Clothes 
    Guys and sneakers. I’ve yet to know a guy who doesn’t always need one more pair. Workout clothes is another safe bet- even if they don’t go to the gym!
    Pair it with a great duffel or gym bag!


  • Bose Soundbar
    This was recommended by you and I could see why! A great way to update your entertainment at home! 
    Pair this with Apple TV, Roku or an Amazon Fire Stick!
  • Bose Bluetooth Speaker
    We have this speaker and the sound quality is AMAZING! I love how small it is yet the sound is fantastic.
  • Beats Headphones
    Mike brings these to the gym (I don’t get it) and he loves them. They are great for traveling too! If they are too big and bulky- try these earbuds instead! (newest, more expensive pair here)
    Pair them with a subscription to everything from Audible for audiobooks to Amazon Music for unlimited streaming. You can also get a subscription to Hulu or whatever channels he loves! 
  • Popcorn Maker
    Squad-recommended! Even if you can’t have a media room, you can turn your place into a fun night out. This popcorn maker would be super fun for movie nights in. 
    Pair this with a subscription to Netflix or fun box sets of his favorite DVDs.
  • Movie Tickets
    If you’re guy is more of a GO TO the movies guy- get him Moviepass and he can see as many as he likes for $10 a month!


  • Quality Whiskey & Some Glasses
    Nothing like a cold night and a great bottle of Macallan’s- add some amazing glasses and you’ve got a nice gift that will keep on giving. Couldn’t believe how many of you recommended exactly this! For a budget-friendly set of glasses trythese!
    If you want to go big- you can pair it with a decanter too!
  • Fizzics Beer Dispenser
    I got this for Mike some time ago and he loves it! Put a bottle of beer in the top and it makes it taste like it’s on tap!
    Pair it with a great set of beer glasses!
  • Rabbit Wine Aerators
    If he’s a wine guy- these wine aerators are perfect! They keep wine fresh and tasting great! Plus you get a few so you can give it to a few guys in your life! Pair it with… well… wine.
  • Air Fryer
    There were so many recs for barbecues, grillers and smokers! This one came up a few times too. I got Mike an air fryer and we cannot live without it! We started withthis $79 version and recently upgraded to the Bentley of air fryers here


  • Dressy Shoes Under $100 (here and here
    Whether he works in an office setting or has some fancy events to attend a great pair of shoes will always come in handy! This brand is a family favorite. 
  • The COMFIEST Jeans
    Ever since Mike switched to these jeans, he won’t go back to anything else. He says they are the comfiest he owns and stretch just enough! Plus they are on sale! 
  • Cozy Robe
    Don’t let him fool you- he wants one. 
  • Travel Coffee Tumbler
    There are so many great choices in this arena, but I recently found this one and it seems so amazing I’m totally going to splurge on it for Mike. For some budget-friendly choices try this orthis
  • Tommy John Undies
    Mike swears by these as the most comfy bloomers he’s ever worn. The guy washes them on delicate and hangs them to dry. Enough said. 
  • Pajama Pants
    The most versatile gift ever is a great pair of pj’s! Great for parents, brothers, husbands or friends. Try this pair for $15!
  • Ugg Slippers
    Another crazy versatile present! The boys love ’em just as much as we do! 


  • Frame the license plate of his first car
  • Photo memory book like Chatbooks
  • Monogrammed cufflinks with children’s initials or a photo
  • Digital Picture frame with family pictures

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