Why We Decided To Move

We’re moving!

Sometimes it feels like just as much a shock to us as to anyone else- because it all happened so fast… kind of.

We have been wanting a change with our house for a LONG time (aka the reason for all of these pictures from my Pinterest home inspo board) but we weren’t sure what we were going to do about it. We thought about moving, downsizing and renovating and for a while we couldn’t decide. But then it all suddenly came together- FAST.

The backstory on our current house

Mike bought the house we live in now before we knew each other. I always say “he came with the house.” It’s a great house and I totally get why he bought it at the time. That said- our needs and our lifestyle have changed over the years and we started to realize that this house didn’t match our lives anymore.

home study double desk den office inspiration, work from home station
Picture via Pinterest

The first thing we thought about was location. We love the town we live in and didn’t really want to move- so at first we thought we might want to renovate the house we have now. Here was our wishlist:

Our Home Renovation Wish List

  • updated, bigger kitchen
  • more closet space
  • office spaces for both Mike and for me
  • low-maintenance yard
  • central air
all white kitchen inspiration white marble countertops white subway tile backsplash white kitchen cabinets bronze drawer pulls kitchen cabinet hardware
Picture via Pinterest

After we starting talking with architects and looking into what it would take to get us the home we were hoping for- we started to realize that it would be a HUGE undertaking. Not only was it very costly, but it would also be logistically difficult to pause for a renovation for six months while trying to run our day to day lives.

Mike had always sent me houses off of Zillow and one day we decided to visit a few open houses. Long story short, we found a house that looked exactly like what our current house would look like if we went through with the renovations (and a lot like my Pinterest inspiration boards to boot!) Finding this new house turned our world upside down- in a good way! Most of the things we settled on with the new house are things we can change aesthetically over time. (That post is coming soon!)

Negotiations went back and forth and now we are hoping that we will be closing within the next month or so! We are excited to start this next part of our lives together and to make this new place our own.

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  1. Monique wrote:

    When I was younger we did without ac in living areas in Brazil and Italy, had it in bedrooms. I can’t imagine it now haha. Totally understand why it’s a must in the house!

    Posted 2.16.20 Reply
    • Deb from Sunsets and Stilettos wrote:

      Hi Monique! I hear you! We live on an island and get some super humid summers! The air has become a must-have for us! Thank you for visiting!

      Posted 2.19.20 Reply