What I Eat For Breakfast and My Workout Routine

You seem to be enjoying my monthly updates on my nutritional journey and how I’m fairing with my new eating plan. So this month I’ve rounded up some of my most-asked questions and filling you in on the updates! 

My workouts

Starting off with my workouts, I tend to mix them up. I hate cardio- so I mix my workouts between yoga, strength training, and some HIIT. I’ve been putting on a good deal of muscle (for me) and that seems to be because of how I’m eating. The workouts of course create the muscle- but I’ve been working out for years and haven’t had this type of results. Because of this my workouts have become more intense and I’ve at times upped my weights and tried some things I’ve never been able to do before. 

I used to work out in cotton leggings- it was pretty pathetic. I never cared. Luckily since trying Jockey I have been able to update my athleisure wardrobe with a ton of great options. Now that I’m working out harder and prioritizing my workouts more, I needed to up my wardrobe game. These leggings I’ve spoken about before and they are still my favorites. I’ve tried all of the well-known brands and these always beat them out!

I have searched everywhere for workout tops too and I always come up short- literally. I’ve never been comfortable walking around in leggings without a long-enough top and finally Jockey fixed that! But I digress…

What I eat in a day

I eat five meals a day and meals 1-3 all have a mix of healthy carbs and protein. Meal four focuses on greens and protein and meal five is a small treat. I get asked a lot about cravings and staying on track. First thing to know is that the meals I eat are so sustaining. I eat enough food that I am rarely hungry. I eat every three hours and there are no snacks. Plus I drink a gallon of water a day which tends to curb any cravings too. 

When you eat clean and rid your body of sugar, it’s amazing what can happen. You don’t crave it. You don’t want it. I’ve found that for me, sugar is truly addicting. Now if I do indulge, half the time I take a bite and don’t want much more. Things have become way too sweet for me- so portion control happens without me trying. 

My nutritious breakfasts

The meal you’ve asked most about is breakfast. I have three options I tend to rotate through the most and I love them.

-scrambled egg/egg whites/red potatoes
-yogurt + coconola granola
-protein smoothie ​

I rotate through these and they are easy to take with me to school. I make my eggs the night before, or just grab my yogurt and go! 

The key to getting to where you want to be is commitment. If you commit to what you wan there is no stopping you! Keep the questions coming and I will do my best to answer them in next month’s post! 

This post was created in partnership with Jockey. All opinions are my own.

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