The Key to Being Happy

I’m reading a new book all about not sweating the small stuff. One of the most amazing things I’ve read so far pertains to the path of finding happiness. 

I’ve always struggled with happiness and really understanding what it is. Everyone defines happy as something different and some of us hold it as a goal that seems insurmountable. 

This book brought a new concept into perspective. Want to find happiness? Stop trying to be happy.

 know how crazy it sounds but it actually makes perfect sense. All the time we are trying to be happy, happy-er, we are sending the message to ourselves that we aren’t happy now. I am all for making positive changes and doing things that will free us or make us feel more at ease; but at some point, doesn’t the quest have to end? 

Maybe happiness really does start with accepting where we are, now. Not what we hope for, not what we want to be, just who and where we are… now. The harder we try to be happy, the harder it may be to feel content and grateful. Maybe letting the quest go and just enjoying each moment as it comes really is the key. 

So this week, decide what will make you happy right now and do that, rather than making plans or journaling about being happy someday. See how you feel, see if there’s a difference, see if less pressure really does mean more peace. Stop trying to be happy and maybe, just maybe, we will realize we weren’t so unhappy after all.

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