My Number One Tip for Staying On Track With Clean Eating

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Whether you’re going on a cleanse or just trying to eat clean for any length of time it can be hard. Really hard. If I tell myself I can’t have something I want it more and I become some sort of obstinate toddler. I want what I can’t have and it only makes it worse when I try to be more disciplined. 

I have forever been a snacker. I LOVE to snack. I don’t eat much at a sitting but I was always munching. Snacking is a big no-no when cleansing and it is by far my most difficult hurdle. I eat a lot of little meals throughout the day so I get hungry every few hours. 

After a lot of trial and error, I found the number one thing that keeps me on track: having a week’s worth of a one healthy, go-to snack you love. 

Whether it be healthy muffins, cookie dough balls, or even chopped veggies with hummus- having a stash can help you avoid derailing at the onset of hungry.

I remember when my mom was quitting smoking, she had stashes of Whoppers in the cupboard. Clearly this aren’t a viable choice for a cleanse, but it sure helped her with her cravings while she was quitting. I think when we keep the habit but switch to something healthier, we are more likely to ease ourselves into healthier habits over time.

I’ve rounded up my favorite go-to snack stashes when I’m trying to cleanse or eat strictly.


  • chopped veggies and hummus 
  • brussel sprouts and chickpeas with a dash of maple syrup 
  • healthy muffins (examples here and here)
  • cookie dough balls (recipe above, protein found here)
  • almond butter (yep, I eat it straight out of the container sometimes!)
  • smoothie (skip the fruit if you’re snacking and stick to green veggies or just protein powder!)

What are some of your favorite snacks while you cleanse?

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