Update on My Nutritional Journey

I have been eating clean for years now, but recently, I wanted to make some changes. I’ve been enjoying my workouts, but always wondered if there was a way to fuel them better. I had been upping my weights and not seeing the results that I was expecting, so I decided to head to a nutritionist. I wanted to see what kinds of things I could do to get the most of my workouts. 

I learned years ago that I workout more often and better when I LOVE the clothes I’m in. I get uncomfortable VERY quickly and I am super sensitive to fabrics and clothing. I can tell you I’ve tried so many leggings and always wind up unhappy. It got to the point I was working out in that thin cotton leggings your neighbor is selling with the crazy patterns. Not exactly ideal- but they were the only thing that FELT good.

Enter Jockey leggings. I figured I’d grab another pair of leggings I’d wind up donating and call it a day- but no- instead, the addiction began. Every piece I ordered from them was better than the next! I have been stocking up on these leggings and finally can get rid of all the ones in my drawer I never wear. I am comfy, dry and the leggings don’t feel cold- do you know what I mean? I also love these for every day running around too!

Since my love for the leggings came on so strong, I have ventured into their bralettes and other undergarments and have not been disappointed. This one is the best I’ve ever owned! I got all of my girlfriends to order them too! In fact, I don’t know that I’ll be able to wear any other bra day to day from here on out. These bralettes are the best I’ve ever worn and feel like nothing, and these skimmies are great for under dresses- especially as a teacher protecting against wardrobe malfunctions. They are like BUTTER! Speaking of…

Mike and I went to the nutritionist and he made us customized meal plans. We eat five meals a day and have to weight our foods. I am eating things I haven’t eaten in years and more than I think I ever have. Red potatoes, brown rice, and even some cheese.  I’m not hungry, and my body fat is decreasing which is awesome. Mike is doing great too. 

The key to this plan is that there is no sugar or flour in any of our meals- but once we reach our goals, we get one cheat day per week. I’ll take it. I’ve always avoided most sugar, but this plan had me take a hard look again at the sneaky ways it can get into our diets. 

I’m excited to see how this next month will shape up and the changes I will continue to hopefully see. I’ve been working out a few times per week and I’ve been able to up my weights and get stronger- which is my goal in the end. I tend to bribe myself when I want to accomplish some goals- and I’ve been doing it right now with great Jockey workout gear. 

I’ll be stocking up on a few of my Jockey favorites for their Memorial Day sale and hopefully I’ll keep hitting my goals! 

This post is created in partnership with Jockey. All pieces chosen by me, all opinions are my own.

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