Don’t Believe What You See, See What You Believe

Almost fifteen years ago I sat at a funeral today. There were words said there that I never forgot. 

“Don’t believe what you see, see what you believe.”

Obviously in that context, those words helped us treasure the thought of angels being among us. To be honest those words still do. That said, I think they can be used in our every day lives just as much as they have been a part of me since that day. 

I got into a weird head-space the week. (an idle mind is a dangerous thing when it comes to this lady) I started questioning some things and if I was on the right path. I was even questioning whether or not the path I’m walking is amounting to much at all. I started mulling this over again and again and then it hit me- it almost didn’t matter- because no matter where I am- I need to see what I believe. 

As long as I am believing my best days are out in front of me- they are. As long as I’m believing I am JUST getting started- I am. As long as I’m believing that I will accomplish whatever I set out to- that I WILL rise above-


This was even something that helped me when it came to us buying a new house. When we first saw it, we didn’t know if it was something within our reach. We didn’t know if it would be possible, or if the stars would align for us to get it. But I BELIEVED in this dream. I saw us in this house. And now… we are about to see what I believed all along.

So I want you to say it with me right now- declare it right now- whatever is on your heart- believe it.  Whatever cards are stacked against you- DON’T believe them. 

On the off chance one of you needed this message this week- I pass it along. I’m in a better place now that I was this day all those years ago… and maybe that’s all the hope we need to help us march on towards better days. 


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