Five Apps that Keep Me on Track in my Wellness Journey

Sometimes I stare down at my phone in wonder. I have always loved technology and had the latest gadgets. At this point, I pretty much run my entire life from my phone. I haven’t bought a planner in years, I haven’t gotten lost, and I don’t even go grocery shopping anymore. It’s safe to say my phone keeps my life organized- and it definitely helps me stay on track with my wellness.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite apps that help keep me on track in my fitness and wellness journey.

Best Wellness & Fitness Mobile Apps

Tone It Up

I have been a Tone it Up girl for about a decade! I LOVE working out at home (surprised?!) and it’s something I have finally started to look forward. Tone it Up has changed over the years but since they released their app in 2019, I’ve been hooked. They offer challenges a few times a year and countless workouts you can search by amount of time, body part and even by trainer. It’s a staple that keeps me on track and motivated with my fitness.


This app is one of those apps you didn’t know you needed… As part of our nutrition plan we are required to drink a gallon of water per day- no easy feat. I tend to lose track of how much I’ve drank, especially at school, and this app helps with that. It’s easy to enter when you’ve drank and it’s fully customizable with the size cups you drink from. I appreciate its simplicity and it keeps me on track all day with hydration.

Prime Now

I can remember when I saw the banner outside Whole Foods for this service- I thought for sure it was too good to be true- but, it’s FOR REAL. Having my groceries delivered each week is the best thing to happen to me in a LONG time. It is so easy to stay on track with our eating when we order exactly what we need and plan our meals and grocery lists. I am so grateful every time I order for how much time it saves me!

Apple Watch App

My Apple Watch LOVES keeping me accountable for my workouts, my water and it reminds me to do my Tone it Up workouts too. I hate working out without it and it helps me to monitor my heart rate while I workout. This is important to know that I’m in the fat burning workout with whatever I do and to make sure I am pushing myself. Since I hate cardio- this motivates me to make sure my BPM (beats per minute) are in the range that actually makes my workouts effective. I have a series 4 and I love how sleek the design is- but if you’re looking for a great deal there are great ones available on the series 3! I can’t live without it!

Happy Scale

Full disclosure I don’t use this app for myself- but Mike does- religiously. I found it for him after he was making himself CRAZY (and I mean CRAZY!) over his weight fluctuating during the course of the week. For me, I’ve broken up with the scale for the most part and go by the fit of my clothes and the feel of my body- but I do get how motivating the scale can be. Especially as women though, the scale can be thine enemy- and this app averages things and shows you overall goals instead of the ups and the down each day.

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