What I Learned About Being an Introvert

It’s Monday and I am back to the grind today, but it isn’t without having learned a few things this past week while I was on winter break. As an introvert, I’ve always known I need some recharge time to feel my best, but this week I saw that it’s even a bit more than that. Lucky for me this new loungewear helps me in my mission to recharge my introverted batteries when I get the chance to do it. 

I filled my winter break up with things I love doing.  We had some appointments about some renovation work for our house, we ran errands, went to lunch and I saw a few friends. When Wednesday came around I realized I had taken on WAY too much. Wednesday I decided to stay in my comfiest pj’s all day and to stay home by myself for the day. It was then I knew that I had needed this the whole time.  I was happy as a clam. You know my newest obsession with all things Jockey and this loungewear does not disappoint. 

These pants are so soft and there breathe Spring even if it’s cold outside. This tank is part of the breathe collection from Jockey and it could not be softer. I love it for layering as much as I do for just lounging around. 

As I reflected back on the week I definitely learned a thing or two. I need to make sure I don’t over-schedule myself, even if the tasks I’ve planned are things I love. From this point forward, I’m going to be sure I enter hermit mode for a day or two with comfy loungewear just like this! 

This post is created in partnership with Jockey. All opinions are my own.

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