Wellness Wednesday | Taking Steps Back

There are times in every journey, fitness or otherwise, where we have to step back. Sometimes we are have to lower our weights, change what we eat, get more rest or just reflect and think about the changes we are facing- or the changes we’d like to see. This month that’s been the name of the game for me- so read on to find out where I’m at in my nutritional journey. 

This post was created in partnership with Jockey. All opinions are my own.

The school year is around the corner and if I’m being honest, I spent most of my summer in leggings and workout clothes. You know my obsession with these Jockeyleggings and I recently discovered this top which actually covers my hips which I LOVE! Jockey has been so good to me this summer- I’ve purchased all of my workout gear from them! Long tops are hard to find! Now that I’m having to get dressed again though, I have to deal with things that don’t fit and buy new items to replace the old. 

I had a couple injuries this summer and I’ve found that I’ve had to take a step back in my progress a bit. I’ve had to lower my weights back down which is a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes though, long term goals outweigh losing the battle. I’m meeting with my nutritionist this week and we are going to chat about my eating and the changes I’m seeing in my body. 

One thing he always tries to impress upon me is that the “numbers I’m showing” now are more favorable than the ones I was showing before. By vanity’s standards it’s not the case- but in long term health goals it is. My body fat is lower than it was when I started and my while my weight is higher- it’s muscle weight as opposed to fat. That being said muscle is one of the keys to staying healthy, to preventing injury and to overall well-being. I just have to get used to what it looks like. 

I try to take a step back to see the big picture. Health is wealth and sometimes we need to adjust our priorities and our perspective. Weighing more is not my ideal plan- but if it is better for my health and my well-being long term I will need to get used to this new body of mine. 

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