Wednesday’s Words | Why Being Thankful is Complicated

This will be a hot topic over the next month or so, but Thanksgiving is coming- so I thought I’d start here. I can remember times where Thanksgiving felt more hard than it did happy. I wished so deeply for things to be different- in one way or another. I’m sure part of me will still be wishing for that this week too. I can remember feeling thankful and enjoying the day, but also wishing that I could have someone there that wasn’t- or wishing I had more than I already did. ​The next feeling I got after these thoughts was the strongest- guilt. I had been programmed to feel that my wishing for something more than I had was me being ungrateful- and this caused some downward spiral that made everything worse. 

In the days of perfection on social media it’s commonplace to feel less than- to wish for what others’ have. We notice in others the things we wish the most for ourselves. And you know what? That’s normal. And that’s ok. 

You CAN be grateful and wish for more all at once. You can love everyone around you but wish someone else was there to join too. We are complex humans that have complex emotions- and feeling more than one thing at one time is part of being people.

So my point to you is this- if for some reason Thanksgiving comes with mixed emotions- allow yourself to feel them. It doesn’t make your heart any less grateful. And if you do feel yourself wishing for something different, or even something more- know that this Thanksgiving could be your last without those things. Tomorrow could be the day it all changes- 

…and if that isn’t something to be grateful for- I don’t know what is. 

I am thankful for every single one of you and can’t wait to get our shop on together this week! xo

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