Wednesday’s Word | All About Anger

This quote rocked my world this week. When I was younger I had quite the temper and I remember the moment I realized this was not going to serve me. Since that time the temper has gotten better- the frustration has not. I am patient between the hours of nine to three and then after that I struggle. I can be short and get frustrated easily at times- and this quote spoke to me for that reason. I feel my emotions physically… a knot in my stomach and sometimes I even got hot. Hot anger. ​Can you relate? ​It made me wonder as I thought about this quote how many emotions and scenarios this could apply to. Do you feel frustrated? Envious? Angry? As I thought of each one I realized that each one of these emotions CAN serve us- if we allow them to. 

Let the envy empower you to change your life, let the anger motivate you to be more proactive- to get better- maybe let the frustration teach you to breathe and to be patient. 

Maybe this seems obvious- but to me as I read this- it was life-changing. 

Can I control my emotions enough to flip the bad I feel into good? Into the force that drives me to success? 

Sometimes it all starts with the mindset to do something… and maybe that’s what I’ve been missing all along. 


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