How to Follow Your Dreams | A Few Thoughts About the Naysayers

We are getting ready to move and slowly more and more people are hearing about us buying a new house. If there is one thing we’ve seen as we are about to set out on this new journey- it’s that every step of our journey comes with opinions that aren’t our own- and naysayers too. 

I’ve yet to understand why our dreams need to make sense to other people- but it seems people- these days- will always have something to say. Opinions on everything from location of the house to the house itself- opinions we, quite frankly, didn’t ask for. 

Mike and I had so many talks about what our plans were for our house. We debated renovations, moving, vacation houses- you name it. And as we talked we started to realize what we really wanted. We love to go out to eat, to walk in the park and to take hikes and to go on vacations. All of those things are things we like to do- but when we REALLY got honest- we LOVE being home. We love to cook, binge watch TV, watch sporting events and lay low. We are so so busy during the week that cozy nights at home feel nice to us- plus we watch what we eat so eating out a ton isn’t on the agenda these days. Point being- this house is OUR dream- and that dream does not come with a requirement of making sense to anyone else.

So I am here to encourage you against the naysayers- make the choices and chase the dreams that make sense to YOU. Do the things that will truly make you happy and will put your soul at ease. Ignore the noise and remember you are in control. This is your story to write- don’t give up the pen. 


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