How to Create a Wellness and Self-Care Plan When You’re An Introvert

If there’s one thing you know about me by now, it’s likely that I am an introvert. I struggle with any type of over-stimulation and “over-people-ing.” I do best when things are calm and in order, but spoiler alert- life isn’t always like that. I’ve learned over the years that I need to make sure I have a wellness plan in place to keep me grounded, calm and functioning at my best. Read on for some of my staples (including the pajamas I NEVER want to take off.

I remember when I found out my Myers-Briggs personality type- it was as if my whole life finally made sense. There are percentages assigned to each character trait- and when it came to being an introvert- mine was about 97%. Soon after I also learned more about being an empath- and that’s when I knew I needed to put some plans in place to help preserve my energy so I could feel my best day to day. Life is hectic- and having soothing rituals can really help the chaos feel more manageable. 

Time spent at home alone always helps re-center me. I started investing in cozy clothes I love that FEEL good on my skin- to the point that I may or may not actually look forward to them during my work day. The number one place for me to shop for pajamas these days is Jockey. I got my first pair and I was hooked. The quality is amazing and now I have Mike obsessed too. All of the materials are made well and feel amazing. 

When I’m feeling a bit overextended energy-wise, I come home and put on my pajamas RIGHT AWAY. This pair of pajama pants are so soft I never want to take them off. Plus the color just feels soothing to me. This tank could not be softer and I have now set out to buy EVERY color. There’s something about being in cozy clothes (even more so in daylight) that puts my mind at ease. I prop myself on the couch or in bed with tons of cozy pillows and blankets and just stay put. Being still is a lost art. I’ll watch a non-stressful tv show, listen to a book, read or even write in my journal. Slowing down doesn’t come easy but when I finally force myself to do it- I find it makes all the difference. Rather than risking burnout, it’s important to have rituals set up whenever we need a little extra TLC. What’s one way you unwind when you need a break? 

This post was created in partnership with Jockey. All opinions are my own and all pieces chosen by me. 

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