From Flatlay to Workday | Readers’ Requests

Thank you so much for voting for which looks you’d like to see transformed into work wear! I’ll be taking your requests again for the next edition of this series and I hope it helps you transform some of your favorite weekends looks into something a little more work-friendly. Read on to see this flatlay all dressed up for the office. 

CARDIGAN runs TTS, wearing an XS | TOP runs small sized up to a small | JEANS wearing a size 2 short 

This is my typical uniform for work- cardigan + top + black jeans and boots. I am always surprised how quickly black jeans transform an outfit and this example is no exception. 

VEST | wearing an XS but a small would be fine too | THERMAL | wearing a small | ‚ÄčJEANS wearing a size 2 short

This outfit was the one that probably surprised me the most. I never expected this vest to dress up so well! Makes it that much more worth the investment. 

I love a great pair of leopard boots and these take the cake on style. I wouldn’t wear them to school though. I’m sure there are people that would and I cheer you on! But for me, it’s too much so I switched my shoes from the heels to a leopard flat. Perfect for work! 

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