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 I consider myself some vessel that gets a message to the people who need it. Up until about an hour ago- I planned to keep it short, sweet and light (for once).  But all of a sudden- I felt myself getting anxious. Why? If I’m being honest- I have no idea. That’s the thing about anxiety- it often comes without reason… kind of.

Anxiety is a freight-train, unhinged off the tracks, going at lightning speeds. ​As an example, tonight I’m feeling a little under the weather. My rational brain says: I was covered in dust all day while I was cleaning (which I happen to be EXTREMELY allergic to) plus I did not eat or drink enough at all.  What does my anxiety say? I’m getting the flu, going to need hospitalization where in a short time, I will die. While I hope you’re laughing at that- it’s crazy how accurate it is. Anxiety is a freight train- we are at point A but that train has derailed us at point Z.

Tonight got me to thinking about how this all came on and how quite possibly- maybe one of you is feeling similarly at this moment and needing some support. 

Anxiety (and fear) is what happens when we don’t stand where we are. 

If you’re fearing something, if you’re feeling afraid or anxious- is it because you’re at point Z in your mind while your feet are at point A? Are you way ahead of where you are right now? The answer is almost always yes. I find bringing myself back to where I stand tends to help me immensely. 

I’ll be talking more about the what if game in an upcoming newsletter- but for now I’ll offer this:

Worry lives in the future, so if we stay in the moment we are in now, it can ease the anxiety of what may OR MAY NOT come.

How many things that you’re worrying about haven’t happened yet? How many of your worries aren’t focused on the NOW?

By realizing how many of the worries are future-based, it can create the distance we need between the rational and anxiety-ridden mind. The point A vs. the Point Z.

Stay present on what IS- and there will be no need to worry at all about the what IF. 

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