The Best Advice I Got in 2019 That Helped us to Dream Bigger

I haven’t had a chance to talk to you all about how we came to buying a house- and I before I do- I thought I’d give some backstory- and pass along the advice that got us to this point- the same advice that will change the way I dream and make decisions FOREVER!

Mike bought the house we live in a long time ago and never intended to live here for the long haul. That said, as we started to talk about our dreams we started to have a really LONG list. Basically we want it all. A nice house, a beach house, to retire early, you name it. It was the first time in my life I had so many conflicting dreams, and I left me deep in the pits of analysis paralysis. 

We would talk and talk and talk some more about what we wanted. We started debating on renovating our house as opposed to buying a new house- and we couldn’t decide. Real estate in New York is NO JOKE and nothing seemed to come together in the way we wanted it to- based on the little facts we had at the time. The trouble was we were THINKING so much and not DOING anything. 

A friend of mine gave some insight on the matter and what he thought was keeping us stuck in our process. 

“You have to dream in real-time. Start DOING and then the path with become clear.”  Whoa. 

I took that to heart and it suddenly made sense. So we made some changes. We actually MET with contractors. We started to look into getting plans done for renovations. Instead of Mike sending me houses on Zillow and us talking about them- we actually went to see a few. And needless to say… the path became more clear. Since we started DOING everything started happening at lightning speeds and suddenly we are on the cusp of all of our decisions being final. 

For someone like me – I can be VERY in my head- hypotheticals are often more prominent than what actually is – so this advice was truly life- changing. 

If you are pondering a life change- debating what path to choose- START WALKING. It isn’t until you do that you’ll know which way to turn or if you’re headed right to where you’re meant to be in the first place. 

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